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  1. Dairy Goat Info
    so, i have a mini fainting for who is very sweet. i also have a mixed breed male, but he is fixed. we have some sheep (one boy) and i doubt it, but is it possible that my goat is pregnant through the sheep? she usually has a big belly, but she was VERY hungry this morning and her stomach is...
  2. Dairy Goat Info
    Our doe is pregnant..not sure how far along she is. Was wondering if any one has any opinions so we know when to make more frequent barn checks. Thanks!
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    I have a milk goat that produced very little milk when I got her. I am not sure the last time she had babies. I just noticed that her sack is so much bigger than I have ever seen. I have 2 sheep that stay with her but they are both cut so there is no way that they bread her. We do have a...
  4. Dairy Goat Info
    What is anyone's experience with gestational feeding as it affects kid birthweight? Most of my does are 70-90 days bred, and I'm beginning to wonder if feeding them too much would cause the birthweights of their kids to be higher, and potentially cause trouble at kidding. I'm feeding a...
1-4 of 4 Results