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  1. For Sale/Trade/Wanted
    Hi - I am selling my entire dairy goat operation as a package deal. All goats are purebred registered ADGA Nubians. Bloodlines are Goldthwaite and Six M Galaxy, bred for milk production. There are 4 bred does (aged 1 year, a 2-yr-old, and 2 3-yr-olds, they will be these ages in the spring) and...
  2. Dairy Goat Info
    Hi All, I raise Nubian goats for their milk. So far I have 6 Nubian does, 1 saanen doe ( Pet ) And a Nubian whether. I'm looking for another breed to raise but I cant think of one that would go along with Nubians. I Raise the goats for soap and cheese making. What are your opinions on the best...
1-2 of 2 Results