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  1. Health & Wellness
    Hi, so we have a doe who has chapped teats. I'll try to get a pic later, but we put a bit of Blu-Kote on them, so you can't really see anything other than purple rn, but it looks more or less the way your knuckles would if they were really chapped in the winter. I think it's a combination of the...
  2. Dairy Goat Info
    hi, have FF that kidded triplets a month ago. I have had her on stand for grain the last week, sitting next to her, stroking her side, holding hand next to teat, holding teat. No milking tried, nor did I lock her in. When she had finished grain, I let her jump down and put her away. The last...
  3. For Sale/Trade/Wanted
    I wasn't satisfied with the options for chilling milk from my 2 Alpines, so I came up with the idea of a double walled stainless steel bucket. After a lot of work and a few prototypes, I finally am making them! It is called the Alpine Chiller. Check out my website and let me know if you have any...
  4. Dairy Goat Info
    I have been milking our goats twice a day since February and they are milking really well. But now I am considering milking once a day for the rest of this year. Any reasons why I shouldn't milk only once a day? Is it too hard on the girls? Appreciated the advice.
  5. Dairy Goat Info
    I have 2 does that are about 18 months old and delivered one kid each in January 2014. I don't know anything about their lineage other than they were bought from a dairy in Oklahoma. These 2 does are producing about 1 quart each per day. All my other girls are producing 1/2 gallon to 1+...
  6. Cheese & Dairy
    We have Nubians. We have one goat that has been hand milked for at least two years, maybe a third (by preious owner). But now have another gaot in milk. We bought a milk machine to help make process quicker and easier as we add goats to our herd. However, when we hooked up the milker (Henry...
  7. Dairy Goat Info
    My hubby saw the hand pump systems for sale on line and designed me a vacuum system using a vac pump & pressure gage that he had. It works great but now I wondering if a pulsator would work on a vac system. Any thoughts?
  8. Dairy Goat Info
    In the past I've always let the kids get the does milk production going. However this year I was approached by a therapy ranch that brought my kids but I have to bottle feed for 3 weeks then the therapy ranch will take over. My family uses the milk, so my ? now is how often do I milk the does to...
1-8 of 8 Results