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  1. Dairy Goat Info
    Last Saturday I had my Nubian doe kid for the first time and to my surprise she had twins! North was normal with both of them and they latched normal as well. I noticed that her utter went from being huge to half the size by middle of this past week. Today I noticed that my doe tries to kick the...
  2. Health & Wellness
    Hey guys, my 2 year old nanny has been acting strange lately I know she should be getting close to kidding (her first time) but I don't know when exactly she was bred. I think she may be having contractions because she will stretch her neck back and roll on the ground and paws at it a lot.she...
  3. Dairy Goat Info
    I have always put my Nubian & LaMancha ladies with their respective bucks starting August 1st and they always delivered in mid January. This year I purchased a couple older nannies that are dry and I'm wondering what the chances are that they would breed before August 1st if I put them in with...
  4. Dairy Goat Info
    Looking for some advice--have a doe who had a very rough kidding today, had to take her into the university to get a breech kid pulled out. Very hard on her. Now she is shivering, ears cold, won't eat and barely drinking. Gave her CMPK oral earlier today, b-complex, and electrolytes. What else...
  5. Dairy Goat Info
    We have two doelings that are 4 months old, (born in April,) and we are wondering when it would be best to breed them. We have heard opinions either to aim for kidding on their first birthday, or to breed at two years old. They weigh about 70 pounds right now. Does anyone have suggestions?
  6. Dairy Goat Info
    Doe kidded Sunday with big triplets, she got one placenta out Sunday and then the other took a while coming yesterday. This morning she has a little bit of placenta sticking about an inch out of her. I gave oxytocin 3 times over the course of yesterday and Sunday to help her expel the other...
1-6 of 6 Results