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  1. For Sale/Trade/Wanted
    We have a bunch of goaties for sale! A doe in milk, a blue eyed doeling, a linebred buckling, another linebred buckling, a blue-eyed buckling, a moonspotted and polled buckling, a blue eyed and polled buckling, a moonspotted buckling and a proven blue eyed buck. We have options for registered...
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  2. Health & Wellness
    Hello, last week we bought a young Kiko doe. She is a few months old. For the past few days she has just been lazing around the pen, and holding her head listlessly. She is eating and drinking, but only a minimum amount. When she walks around it looks slightly stiff. She is also grinding her...
  3. Dairy Goat Info
    We have two doelings that are 4 months old, (born in April,) and we are wondering when it would be best to breed them. We have heard opinions either to aim for kidding on their first birthday, or to breed at two years old. They weigh about 70 pounds right now. Does anyone have suggestions?
  4. For Sale/Trade/Wanted
    We have one doeling for sale this year!! She is a beautiful thing with striking markings and an awesome milking pedigree to back her up! Her mom has perfect sized teats with nice orifices that are a snap to milk. This doeling is big and healthy, current on CD/T, feet trimming and has a clean...
1-4 of 4 Results