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  1. For Sale/Trade/Wanted
    Hello, We have a small family farm in central Bulgaria, with dairy goats, which we're looking to pass on to a wonderful family to enjoy and to invest in and grow. It includes a 3-bedroom home with 1.5 acres of garden, 45 milkers, around 30 doelings and 30 bucklings (for meat), 2 registered...
  2. For Sale/Trade/Wanted
    We have two almost pure Saanen bucklings for sale. They were born May 5 and will be ready to go after July 5. The Grandmother is a pure Saanen that we bred to a half Saanen half Nubian buck. The mother (3/4 Saanen) was bred to a pure Saanen Buck, so the kids are about 7/8 Saanen. Mother and...
  3. Dairy Goat Info
    Hi All, I raise Nubian goats for their milk. So far I have 6 Nubian does, 1 saanen doe ( Pet ) And a Nubian whether. I'm looking for another breed to raise but I cant think of one that would go along with Nubians. I Raise the goats for soap and cheese making. What are your opinions on the best...
  4. Cheese & Dairy
    Texas Licensed dshs dairy. Producing aged cheese only. Recently licensed. Need all around help from the bottom up. Opportunities for advancement within 6 months. Duties include everything from barn cleaning, goat heath, milking, cheesemaking. Lodging possible. please email me at...
1-4 of 4 Results