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  1. For Sale/Trade/Wanted
    We have two almost pure Saanen bucklings for sale. They were born May 5 and will be ready to go after July 5. The Grandmother is a pure Saanen that we bred to a half Saanen half Nubian buck. The mother (3/4 Saanen) was bred to a pure Saanen Buck, so the kids are about 7/8 Saanen. Mother and...
  2. Health & Wellness
    I'm new to raising goats, and I just purchased a family of four dwarf Nigerian goats 6 days ago. The babies were born May 3. I know it was late, but I disbudded the kids 2 days ago. I was on the cautious side, and they likely need a reburn for growth in the center of the rings. The previous...
  3. For Sale/Trade/Wanted
    Two MDGA registered PUREBRED 6 month old Mini Nubian bucklings for sale. They are from the same doe, a first freshener with good milk production who peaked at 6 lbs. of milk/day and is at 3+ lbs. of milk/day in December. Both bucklings were bottle fed, they are easy to handle and very...
1-3 of 3 Results