doe wont settle. Suggestion?

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    HI All. I have a 6year old alpine doe that wont settle. Had her AI-ed in late 08. Took her to a buck during heat which followed. Bought buck and had her with him for months. No Baby. She is in good condition. Has a baby belly. and eats well. Had her ultra sounded (??) for mummified fetus. Nothing there. She does seem to stand in the corner with her head pressed on wall sometimes more than my other does. Does anyone have suggestions of how i can treat this? Vets in my area are not too familiar with goats. Thanks,
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    do you have any history on this doe? When did she last kid, any complication with that delivery, etc? Does can have problems settling if they had a uterine infection post kidding that went untreated. Does she cycle regularly 21 days apart or are the cycles off ? Get a blood test done for sure - often an ultrasound can be unreliable. Am I understanding correctly you have been trying to breed her since 2008??


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    Do you have a vet you can get prescriptions from? From what two people have said now is giving lutelyse to folks, perhaps they would also give you cysterellon. In goatkeeping 101, read Sue Reiths article on getting the hard to bred doe, bred. Think about treating her first for a uterine infection, which you have to give her 2cc of lutelyse to make sure her uterus is indeed clean, with the cervix open from the heat infuse her with tetracycline and give her, Naxcel systemically (although I believe Sue has you using tetracycline also systemically) to infuse the uterus you will need someone who does AI to help you thread the catheter to infuse her. Now with a clean uterus, use CIDR's to bring her into heat and force ovulation (PG600 will be given also) see if will sell a CIDR, jeffers carries PG600 but pipevet may also) cysterellon is another hormone that will bust cysts off her ovaries, which happens alot of the time in does who are barren. It is given as you see the buck breeding her, about 24 to 48 hours after you pull the CIDR. That would give you your best shot at getting her bred, and honestly if all that doesn't work there is something wrong with her....have the person helping you with the infusion of the uterus give her cervix a good look see also, perhaps it is covered in scar tissue from a previous pulling...I have seen this before.

    I have had really good success in using this protocol in fat goats, and does who have never kidded, and in problem kidders in my own herd. Vicki