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Right Now Onyx Mineral

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Default Right Now Onyx Mineral

Finally tracked some down. A relative picked it up for me.

The packaging has cattle on the front.
Is there more than one type of RNOM, or do I have the correct one for goats.

Wording on the package mentions cattle, nothing about goats.

Calls to Cargill are not being returned.

Thank you

Nubian, LaMancha, Alpine
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Anita Martin
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Default Re: Right Now Onyx Mineral

Yes, the Onyx is a mineral designed for cattle and is the one we use for goats. I've been using it since Dec. and my goats love it. I'm also using it for the horses. I tried to put a call in, or maybe it was an email, to see if it could be harmful to horses and never got an answer. I went over the ingredient list many, many times, and could not find anything in it that would be harmful to horses, so went ahead and started putting it out since they never did get back to me.

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Default Re: Right Now Onyx Mineral

I am using the Right Now bronze since I ran out of Techmaster. They are eating it. I have tried the Onyx but they kind of didn't eat very much of it.
Giddings, Texas
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Default Re: Right Now Onyx Mineral

It is very difficult to get Cargill to call you back. Yes, that is the correct mineral. Since the feed store near me never gets things ordered that I ask for, I got our area reps phone number and I call him directly when I am going to need more minerals as they also distribute SweetLix out here. Onyx can be very difficult to get a hold of at different times of year around here, so be wary. Also, from the investigating I have done, the Onyx is the only Right Now mineral with the chelated and amino forms of the minerals that have the better absorption and utilization. Just FYI, I had my girls on Bronze last year when I couldn't get Onyx and they wound up with symptoms of deficiency within a few months. Just what happened out here with my girls that are on dry lot conditions.
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Cotton Eyed Does
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Default Re: Right Now Onyx Mineral

I am using the Emerald by Cargill at this time. They didn't have the Onyx when I ran out last time.

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