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Retiring My Surge Pulsators

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Default Retiring My Surge Pulsators

Any one who has been with this forum for a long time or who has done much reading here is aware I have posted many times about Surge milking equipment. I have posted about setting up, repairing, using, and cleaning this vintage equipment. Mainly this is because I have been using Surge or it's knock-offs for about twenty-five years. Now the time has come to retire my old Surge pulsators.

It happened last Sunday when I went to do the morning milking and my primary pulsator quit working after the first set of does. "No problem," I thought to myself, "It's due for a rebuild and I have a back up in the house." I installed the back up and it barely made it through the rest of the does.

Between milkings I rebuilt the back up pulsator but during testing, I found I could no longer adjust the speed--it was simply running too fast. Not to be deterred I rebuilt the primary pulsator with another rebuild kit and it too could not be adjusted to proper speed. I consulted some old Surge documentation and found out that excessive wear can cause problems with the air port that controls the speed adjustment. The document outlined a machining technique to repair the pulsator, but it's well beyond my ken and ability.

I was forced to milk with a pulsator running about twice as fast as is proper. The excessive speed kept the inflations mostly closed and milk was almost being expressed by vacuum alone. This is the primary fault with so called milking systems that do not use pulsation. I found myself manually squeezing teats to help milk out. Not only did the does not like it, milking time increased dramatically.

As early as possible on Monday morning I called Parts Dept and ordered the Interpulse replacement and the bucket Surge bucket milker adapter. I continued struggling to milk the does until the replacement arrived Wednesday. I installed the new parts before the Wednesday night milking and all went well.

I'm going to continue using my Surge belly milkers because they fit into my milking work routine and everything was designed around them, but from here on out they will be mounted with Interpulse pulsation.

Nicole Pool
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We found a bunch of old surge stuff a guy had for sale a while back. He gave me a small box of several old pulsators with the belly pails, wondered the same thing at that time.
Jennifer in IA
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