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kinder goats

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Default kinder goats

does anyone have kinder goats, I have to doelings, which will be one year in may and wondering about others who have had kinders and how big they get. breeding them at the right time is important to me and I wonder about their weight.

jen Bazinet, From Ontario Canada, I have kinder goats.
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Default Re: kinder goats

Jen, I moved your post from minature dairy goats to here so you could get welcomed and see if anyone else has Kinders! Welcome, Vicki

Vicki McGaugh
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Default Re: kinder goats

Can't help you, but, Welcome.
Cindy Plantz
Cassopolis, MI

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Default Re: kinder goats

Stacey has them but she is in traveling with her husband for 2 weeks- she should be back soon.
HSMO4 I think is her name on here.
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Default Re: kinder goats

I use to have some first generation Kinders... (i think that's what they were called??) I dont really care for them, I just needed my Nubian bred and I had a pygmy buck available so he did the deed. The kinders found a good home though so Im glad about that.

I have never kept one until they were full grown so I dont know how big they get.
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Default Re: kinder goats

Can't help with the info for kinders, but welcome to DGI.
Carol Sander
Giddings, Texas
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Default Re: kinder goats

The get about half-way between the parent breeds! Like minis.
Ellie Winslow
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Default Re: kinder goats

Welcome to DGI. If the kinder goats are a mix of pygmy and a full sized breed, then I would consider who they took after. If they are a good mix of both parents then I would at least wait until they are 10 months to 1 year old to breed. I have had mixed goats that I don't know what they were mixed with. And they were bred around 11 months of age and did just fine at kidding time.

Just make sure they are in good health and have a nice weight on them. If they look too thin, I wouldn't breed them until they are older. But in general most people breed young goats at 1 years old without problems. Also make sure they have been fecaled and you know their parasite load. Give them good loose minerals and a pre kidding injection of Bo-se.

I'm sure others will post more helpful tips on when to breed your kinder doelings. I wish you well on your decisions! DGI is a great place to gather info and make important choices.

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Default Re: kinder goats

Hi! Late to the game here, but yes, I do have Kinder goats. We love them. (We have Nubians, too, which was what we originally set out to get, but it turns out we like the Kinders better.) Size seems somewhat variable. I have two 1st generation does, now coming up on their 4th kidding here in February. They are fairly large...the bigger one is about 135 and the smaller one about 120. Then I have another doe who is a higher generation who is much smaller. She will be 2 in the spring and she was about 85 pounds when I bred her this past fall. She is a LOT smaller than the other two that I have.

How big are your does now? If they will not be one until May, I would just wait to breed them until late summer, early fall at the earliest, just because the summer is tough on babies with parasites. But being as far north as you are, that might not be as much of a problem.
Stacey Johnson
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Default Re: kinder goats

Sorry for the late entry -- I haven't been on in a while.

I also have kinders and love them. My doe is on the large side--just over 130lbs--but I've now bred her to a smaller buck and am hoping for smaller kids. I also have 2 doelings (60 lbs at 6 mo). I won't breed them until they are at least a year old. If you go to the KGBA (kinder goat breeders assoc.) website, you'll find info about the breed standard. I believe that the standard size for a doe is 115 lbs or thereabouts.

Pan's Field Kinders
Shade, OH
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