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Default How long can you keep milk in the fridge?

How long should milk last (storage/keep fresh) in the fridge before it starts to taste goaty? Pasteurized or not. Does pasteurized milk store longer in the fridge than unpasteurized?

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Default Re: How long can you keep milk in the fridge?

We had a gallon of milk in the frig recently that was at least two weeks old and it tasted fine. Raw and in a very cold frig

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Default Re: How long can you keep milk in the fridge?

Pasteurized milk ROTS and goes bad in a couple of weeks or so.

Raw milk usually sours gracefully and can still be used for cooking for a good while longer. The beneficial bacteria from the air, goat's udder region, etc. inoculate raw milk and will grow -- making it more acidic and the environment more conducive to more beneficial bacteria.

People used to "clabber" their milk on the kitchen counter or outside on the steps, letting it gently sour, and did not get ill.

Of course, they didn't live in our modern environments where we regularly kill off both good and bad bacteria. If you want to sour milk, add a starter to it, just in case.

ANSWER: Sweet milk 2-3 weeks maybe. Sour milk -- a month? Maybe more? Kefir or yogurt probably longer.
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Default Re: How long can you keep milk in the fridge?

I always told my customers 7 to 10 days as really fresh tasting.
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Default Re: How long can you keep milk in the fridge?

I cant disagree with any of the above posts but wanted to note the key to keeping it fresh longest is cooling it quickly. The PMO has guidelines on cooling milk and for raw milk you should try to meet or exceed these. The quicker is is cooled to refrigerated temps the longer it will keep and still taste good.
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Default Re: How long can you keep milk in the fridge?

I had a gallon of goat milk in the fridge for 2 clue if it was pasteurized or was a long time ago and I can't remember but I was shocked that it wasn't spoiled.

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