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Dairy Goat Feed

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Default Dairy Goat Feed

What is the best dairy goat feed to give to your milkers ?? and is this good for the Does that are bred ?

Jerome Bethel
Nubian, Togg, Alpine, Saanen
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Default Re: Dairy Goat Feed

Here I feed a mix
100lb whole oats
100lb barley
25lb Boss
25lb cracked corn
20 lb beet pulp.
Milkers get this only on the stand
they all get grass hay and at least 3 lbs of alfalfa pellets ea.
loose good mineral high in copper and selenium (no molasses etc.)
Now the bred does while still in milk of course get the grain mix on the stand. No grain when dry until 100 days bred and then start back the grain gradually.

Sondra Peterson
A2Z Dairy Goats
Nubian/LaMancha/Mini Mancha
Azle, TX
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Default Re: Dairy Goat Feed

This is what we fed when were unable to get a dairy ration in our area.

5 lbs of Whole Oats
5 lbs of Barley
5 lbs of Soy Beans
2 1/2 lbs of BOSS (Black oil Sunflower Seeds)
2 1/2 of Beet pulp(shredded not wet)
This is approx. 16 percent protein.
You can mix this in as large of portions as you like .Make sure your feed is as fresh as you can provide at all times. Never switch their food all at once always gradually.
Our dealer did have a small mixer and was able to mix it for us and re bag it.
We fed this ration at this rate and found that our does were in the show condition year around,
1 lb for the does body condition(mix) and 1 lb (mix)for each 2 lbs of milk produced.
Split this ration up into 2 feedings AM and PM .
Also provide 4 parts Minerals to 1 part Kelp free choice and free choice Sodium Bicarb.
We also fed free choice Alfalfa Hay or pellets with grass hay free choice also.

We also fed Milk Plus pellets(calf manna) 1/2 lb twice a day and this was calculated into the amount of feed for each doe.
Some like there mix at 20 percent protein the Milk Plus pellets will also add not only pro biotics but vitamins and minerals for your milkers and bucks .

You may also find a Dry All Grain Horse Feed mix that is 16 percent protein with this similar mixture. I prefer no molasses as it seems to make the poop clump up.

Floyd Williams
Classic Nubian's
Purebred Nubian's
Goats that show and fill the milk pail !!
Established 2001
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Good Goats
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Default Re: Dairy Goat Feed

Here's what we have found to work for us, in NE OK.

2 parts whole oats
2 parts 16% all-stock (brand is Spring Hollow Feed Mill - it's a local mill )
1 1/2 parts chopped corn
alfalfa pellets
bermuda grass hay
and pasture
~ Suriyah
Good Goats
Family run goat dairy located in Northeast Oklahoma. We raise Nubians, Alpines, MiniNubians, Experimentals and Boer crosses.
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